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Registration Trademark quotation in Etygpt

08/11/2016 - 11:55

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Hanoi, October, date, 20 ......

Dear: Client  !

(About: Letter of proposal to provide services and quotation for trademark registration in foreign countries (in Egypt))


 Related to the registered trademarks according to your requirement, our company respectfully submitted to service fees as follows:


1. General fees table




Fees (USD)


 Fee for registration application a trademark for the one class of G/S



Fee for registration application from the two class of G/S



Fee for conducting a trademark search in NOIP (1 trademark/1 search/ 01 G/S)



Fee for conducting a trademark search for two class of G/S  in NOIP




2. Specific fees table

Group 9:   Conductors electric, conductors (Lighting ); Conduits (Elictricity); Connections for electric lines ; Concectors [electricity]; Contacts, electric, of precious metal; Contacts, electric; Control panels [electricity]; Converters, electric; Connections, electric; Curent rectifier; Cutting apparatus ( Electric arc--); Distribution boxes[electricity]; Distribution consoles[electricity]; Plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections]; Theft prevention installations, electric; Transformers[electricity]; Wires, electric.

                  (There are eighteen (18) products in this group).


Group 11:     Electricial products: Electric cookers; Deep fryers,electric; Kettlers,electric; Microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; ovens, other than for experimental; Fans( Electric---) for personal use; Irons(Flat--),electric; Water heaters[apparatus]; Electric Lamps; Blender; Laundry dryers,electric; Hair driers(dryers); Electric stoves; Air deodorising apparatus; Soybean machine; infrared electric stoves; Air deodorising apparatus ( kitchen).

                      Gas stove; Gas apparatus (Regulating and safrty accessories for--); Gas pipes; Baths (Heaters for--) [gas].

                  (There are twenty one (21) products in this group).


à Because this products group have not been registered for protection in Vietnam; Therefore, it will not registered for protection in  Egypt. Our advice that entrepreneur should registered this trademarks in Vietnam and then registered for protection in Egypt.

Group 21:     Beverages (Heat insulated containers for--); cooking pot sets; Cooking pots; Kitchen contaniners; cooking utensils, non-electric; Crockery; Crystal[galssware]; Cups of paper or plastic; Deep fryers, non-electric; Dishes; Drinking glasses; Drinking vessels; Pans(Frying--); Kitchen utensils; Kettles, non-electric; Pressure cookers[autoclaves], non-electric; Table plates; Thermally insulated containers for food; Vacuum bottles.     

                  (There are nineteen (19) products in this group).



Class of G/S

Fees (USD)


Fee for conducting a trademark search in NOIP (1 trademark/1 search)

Two class of G/S



Fee for registration application a trademark

one trademark/ two calss of G/S



The above-quoted fees do not include 10% VAT of our service charge, fee for granting certificate



Note: The above-quoted fees do not include 10% VAT


3. Required documents and :

+ An original Power of Attorney for Newvision Law Firm which is simply signed by the Applicant (our form in attachment)

+ Specimen of the applied mark; (For the convenience, entrepreneur can send to us as a software file)

+ A certified copy of certificate trademark in Vietnam

+List of Goods/Services;

+ Infomation of the Applicant, include: Name, address, phone number, email, fax.


4. Procedure and timeline for registering trademark is as follows:


Stage 1: Trademark search.

The result of this step is that a report about information lookup results. And our advisory opinion about the possibility of registered this trademarks in Egypt.

This stage is not compulsory, however, before begining the trademark registration, your entrepreneur must conduct a trademark search on the trademark database in order to save time, cost and safety.

Time required: 07-10 days.


Stage 2: Filing the application

We will filing the application and implement the necessary procedures for trademark registration in Egypt

Time required: 09-12 months.


Stage 3: Granting of a Mark registration Certification

When a trademark application registration has been approved, Client will be received a notice about granting of a Mark registration Certification and then the original a Mark registration Certification.

Time required: 02 months.


Your company should make a decision soon about the registered trademarks ( aim at avoid losing trademarks because other companies has been previous  registered units, shall enjoy the right of priority)



Best Regard and look forward to receiving your response company!




Intellectual Property Department





Lawyer Tuan Nguyen Van







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