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Newvision Law firm has registered trademark for Son Phu tea - Thai Nguyen

22/11/2016 - 03:13

NewVision Law firm is a representative units of Intellectual Property has the reputation, specializing in providing comprehensive services related to the field of intellectual property.

We provide consulting services about industrial property registration such as: trademark, brand, industrial designs.... in the domestic and international. We also consultants about infringement of intellectual property rights, registration of license contracts, transfer of industrial property rights contracts.

We always believe that successful of clients is the most important. Therefore, during operation to now, NewVision Law firm always is a belief address of all organizations and individuals in the field of Intellectual Property.

So far, NewVision Law  firm has represented to clients successfully protected more brands;  Especially, many well-known brands such as Phở Cười, Weaseal coffee, ZIO ( ZIOVI Korea corporation), some trademarks of Ha Tinh Formosa corporation (Taiwan Corporation) ... In recently, NewVision Law firm has honored is  representative unit for collective mark of a famous tea village: Son Phu - Thai Nguyen province.

Newvision Law firm has registered trademark for Son Phu tea - Thai Nguyen

To register trademark for Son Phu tea - Thai Nguyen

Son Phu is one of the famous tea land in Thai Nguyen, in 2013, Son Phu is recognized as the traditional villages of the province. In the integration trend, with the changes about new plant varieties, interested in the hygiene and food safety elements for tea products as well as safety in the agricultural production process, the leaders of Son Phu tea village is also interested in the protection and use of the collective mark in order to raise the value of the brand in the international.

The Lawyers of Newvision law firm has consulted to the leaders of Son Phu tea village about importance of the protection of Son Phu tea collective marks . Accordingly, if has been registered to protection, Son Phu tea collective marks will be used to promote products from special products in Thai Nguyen area. In such cases, the creation of a collective mark is not only to support the marketing of products in the domestic market but also reputation in the international market.

Collective mark is always an effective form to aim at promotion for the products of a enterprise group that  if each of single brands, hardly to get consumers recognized or the big agent  accepted distribution.


Newvision Law firm is representative units about trademark registration

With legal assistance from the NewVision law firm, The leaders of Son Phu tea village (Thai Nguyen) had conducted registration of trademark protection for Son Phu tea as well as promulgating regulations on use of labels collective brand is Son Phu tea in order to protect the prestige, reputation and development of the Son Phu traditional tea village  .

BRAND - The factor to create enterprises culture.

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