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How to lookup a trademark or logo has been registered or not?

02/12/2016 - 08:41

My company has designed a logo and want to register  exclusive trademark protection, but I do not know whether the logo/trademark may ability to sign up to register or not?. How to look up the logo?. what are the procedures?. I looking forward to lawyer consulting for me about this situation ?


Thank you for sending your questions to Newvision Law firm. Company representative -lawyer Nguyen Van to answer your questions such as the following:

The trademark research will be conducted by Department of marks under  NOIP. In the year 2009, NOIP has supply research service about the possibility of trademark registration, then, due to the amount of users is too large so NOIP suspend the lookup service. However, with your question, our solution will be:

1. To conduct  basic lookup.

All of the trademark which was registered or rejected, will be announced at the Website of the NOIP by address: br>

In here, you can enter basic information of the trademarks for example:FPT, FLC GROUP..etc....


How to lookup a trademark or logo has been registered or not?

How to lookup a trademark or logo has been registered or not?


This tool will help you lookups mark or logo which has duplicate or not? When the check mark here then you can also check out the logo, trademark name, number and numbers of grant...etc. ... Those who have the experience and knowledge of intellectual property Law, then this tool will bring to about 60% accuracy for the search. We think this tool very useful with  clients. Moreover, here you can also track the progress of your trademark protection in NOIP.

2. To conduct advanced lookup

With this way, you will lookup marks the correctly. Today there are many trademarks what have ability to cause confusing and difficult to distinguish highly that the basic way almost impossible to look up. The best way is you should send the sample of your trademark to for the Law firm or the representative units of NOIP in order to lookup correctly. In here, you will provide trademark research services and results may correctly up to  95% and only the remaining 5% is encountered, the element of risk, a dispute in trademark registration


Trademark and logo research services at Newvision Law firm


After you have logos, name brands that you want to lookup. Coming with Newvision Law firm, the first thing you will be the lawyer, legal expert to consult about the group, the field of trademark protection, helping you to lookup and research about elements may be protected or not?.  And the most important thing consulting you about the ability of duplicate, similar to the confusion that is capable of brands is denied.

- In next step, we will help you prepare the necessary documents and procedures for trademark registration, includes: Trademark registration, request for priority right, the copy of mark templates, boilerplate dispatch quickly if necessary, power of attorney, and other documents.

- After the finishing of the necessary documents, we represented you filing application at NOIP. Procedures protection will probably take between 12 - 13 months by the NOIP will review and evaluate the possibility of protection of trademark, which will make a decision to accept protection or refuse protection

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