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Bao Long Ceramic - Bat Trang towards a sustainable brand

22/11/2016 - 03:29

To honor and proud to be the son of the traditional village of Bat Trang , was born into a family has traditional pottery. In 2005, Craftsman Pham Van Dat has established co., Ltd Manufacturing and Trading Services Bao Long - Bat Trang, the main business activity is production of ceramics.

Co., Ltd. Bao Long- Bat Trang manufacturing and Trading Service owns a team of highly skilled workers and profession, along with the prestige always maintained, ensure product quality. Therefore,  Bao Long-Bat Trang has affirmed position as a unit about manufacture, export professional.

Besides that the Board of Directors of Bao Long- Bat Trang company is also interested in the preservation and development of a sustainable ceramics brand- Bao Long. Therefore, the registration procedures for trademark protection to Bao Long pottery is necessary.

Bao Long Ceramic - Bat Trang towards a sustainable brand

Bao Long Ceramic - Bat Trang towards a sustainable brand


Two trademark had registered protection of the Bao Long - Bat Trang pottery company

The leaders of company had chose NewVision Law firm is a trusted unit for consultant service as well as representation to register trademark protection of Bao Long - Bat Trang in NOIP (Office Property intellectual - The Ministry of Science & technology).



Newvision Law firm is representative units about trademark registration

NewVision Law firm is a representative units of Intellectual Property has the reputation, specializing in providing comprehensive services related to the field of intellectual property.

We provide consulting services about industrial property registration such as: trademark, brand, industrial designs.... in the domestic and international. We also consultants about infringement of intellectual property rights, registration of license contracts, transfer of industrial property rights contracts..

NewVision Law firm has consulted to the management of Bao Long company about benefits of the trademark protection registration. Moreover, NewVision Law firm had also assists the legal procedures necessary to register Bao Long ceramic trademark.

With legal assistance from the NewVision law firm, the leaders of Bao Long company had conducted registration of trademark protection for bao Long - Bat Trang ceramics in order to protect the prestige, reputation and development a sustainable brand .

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