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Apple lost trademark "IPHONE” for China company

09/12/2016 - 08:28


Apple lost trademark ‘IPHONE” for China company

Xintong Tiandi company use 'IPHONE' marks on its leather goods (right)


Recently, the Beijing Municipal High People's Court ruled in favor of Xintong Tiandi Technology about complaint between this company and Apple by arguments that:  Xintong Tiandi company registered trademark "IPHONE" for leather products in China in 2007. While Apple filing application for this trademark in 2002 but it was not approved until 2013. Moreover, the higher court ruled that “ IPhone” could not protected as well-known trademark in China and Xintong Tiandi company filed its trademark application in 2007 while Apple iPhones first went on sale in China in 2009.

This company sells handbags, mobile phone cases and other leather goods branded with the name "IPHONE" and the "R" registered trademark symbol wich close to Apple's iPhone mark,  in China’s market from 2007. Therefore, this trademark belong to China’s company.

After the below result, a spokesman for Apple said that: "Apple is disappointed the Beijing Higher People's Court chose to allow Xintong to use the iPhone mark for leather goods when we have prevailed in several other cases against Xintong. We continue send request to the Supreme People's Court  to vigorously protect our trademark rights. Because, we work hard to make the best products in the world and want to ensure our customer’s experience is no compromised by companies who try to profit from using your brand”.


Apple lost trademark ‘IPHONE” for China company

The certification of trademark registration of Xintong Tinandi company  with China’s trademark office


After the shortly time,  according to Apple's latest results which showed a 13% drop in revenue on slower iPhone sales. Sales in China had plunged by 26%.


Moreover,  Apple is also facing difficulties in other operations in China. In March, Beijing passed a law that required all content shown in China to be stored on servers based on the Chinese mainland. Therefor, two software’s Apple are iBook’s and iTunes were shut down in the country. Apple said it hoped access to the services would be restored soon.



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