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Trademark registration for SAIKO Paint from Japan

09/11/2016 - 01:51

JSC Saiko Paint Japanese is one of the pioneers enterprise received a transfer of advanced technology to produce paint, water-resistant paint, anticorrosive paint, putty, Nano Hybrid Technology From Japan , rollers for shaping Saiko. My quality has been affirmed at Sakura country (Japanese)  for over 10 years. The company has been meeting all the needs and hoping of the Vietnamese.

Besides that, JSC Saiko Paint Japanese  also concerned about the protection of IPRs in Vietnam and international. JSC Saiko Paint Japanese, has selected Newvision Law firm is a legal partner in order to protected IPRs for the brand before on Vietnamese Market.

With professional and diligence, the lawyers of the NewVision law firm has successfully protected trademarks of JSC  Saiko Paint Japanese in Vietnam. This also contribute to combat counterfeit articles ,counterfeit goods on the Vietnames market paint.

Protection for logo Saiko Paint Japanese

Trademark registration for SAIKO Paint from Japan

Trademark registration for SAIKO Paint from Japan

On November 9th, 2015, JSC Saiko paint Japanese (represented by Mrs. Vu Thi Lan) - the brand owner, has granted a Mark  registration certification according to  Decision No: 69 511 / De - IP on the November 9th 2015  by the NOIP.

Trademark registration for SAIKO Paint from Japan

a Mark registration certification for Saiko Paint

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