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The Logo project : Thanh Dat KyotoBike co.,ltd

28/12/2016 - 09:22

The Logo project : Thanh Dat KyotoBike co.,ltd


1. Description


Thanh Dat KyotoBike, co., ltd -  Specializes in providing electric bicycles imported from Japan. Wishing to bring satisfaction to consumers when they hold the electric bicycle. We always meticulous selection of the best products from well-known manufacturers in the world as well as ensure reasonable prices to consumers.

To assert the superiority and their differences, KyotoBike set up to design team must create a logo what may demonstrate professionalism. Logo image represents balance and sustainability with red to show personality, strong and dynamic . This logo may give to young people feeling believable, unconventional and novel. This is the most important factor that brought successful for Thanh Dat KyotoBike brand.


2. Service categories


  • Logo design.
  • Slogan design.
  • Brand identification design.
  • Advertising printed matter design.
  • To design product labels.
  • To register exclusive logo.


The Logo project : Thanh Dat KyotoBike co.,ltd

Logo of Kyotobike Thanh Dat



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