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Bat Trang Pottery brands put Vietnamese brand reaching into the big sea

24/11/2016 - 08:25

Bat Trang (Gia Lâm district, Ha Noi) is a traditional village with over 600 years. During development history, bat Trang has produced many unique products from ceramics, such as shades, Brown, men’s reef, blue-flowers ... The Bat Trang ceramic products has reached the highly technical level, artistry and profoundly aesthetic.

Newvision law know as a representative unit about intellectual property whose reputation. We provide general service about intellectual property especially in field of consultants and support to register trademark, industrial designs...etc. in domestic and international. Therefore, the leaders of Bat Trang traditional pottery village has invited Nguyen Van Tuan lawyer who represented for Newvision law firm, to contribute opinions in field of protection “ Bat Trang Viet Nam” brands. Bat Trang pottery is general for all of ceramics which is produced in Bat Trang village, belong to Bat Trang village, Gia Lam district, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.


Register Brand Bat Trang village

Bat Trang - Viet Nam pottery brand


Since 2002, Bat Trang craftsmans began corporation in order to produced and consumed products though by Bat Trang pottery association. Therefore, the craftsmans may have opportunity to capture information about the market, the new knowledge in ceramic production, method of e-commerce and enhancing competitiveness.

Register Brand Bat Trang village


Nguyen Van Tuan lawyer take a photograph with the leaders of Bat Trang pottery


On Jun 26th 2015, Mr. Tuan and the legal expert team from Newvision law firm has consulted to leaders of Bat Trang pottery about collective mark registration for Bat Trang pottery in Viet Nam. We also instruction to register protection quickly and effectively.

 On the meeting between two parties, Tuan lawyer has exchange some basic information about:

-  Filing collective registration rights.

- Some necessary documents with collective marks application.

- Regulation of the use of collective marks.

Viet Nam proud of more traditional village, specific products...etc....Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan lawyer sharing that : “ I hope that  this characteristic can exists, development during the pervious years and become a famous collective brand.

There are more two thousand traditional pottery village over the country but Bat Trang pottery is one of the firstly pottery village to register brand for these areas. Bat Trang pottery brand is recognized and has been becoming a famous pottery brand in domestic and international.


Register Brand Bat Trang village

Mr. Tuan and legal expert of Newvision law firm take photograph with  leaders of Bat Trang pottery village.

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