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Register to exclusive logo

17/11/2016 - 02:44

Where is register to exclusive logo ? This is a question for each enterprises after building brand without need to legal counseling units. For organizations and individuals in Vietnam, they may filling the application registration to NOIP of Vietnam for granting a certificate of mark registration.

Organizations and individuals in Vietnam do not certainly need to adopt service units about intellectual property to filing. However, this is a job that requires knowledge, experience and high qualifications so organizations and individuals should look to the lawyer, the representative units in order to legal consulted about  procedures, filing method aim at quickly and efficiently.

For  foreign organizations and individuals, no brand in Vietnam, asking them to filing  through the representative companies about intellectual property.


Register to exclusive logo

Register to exclusive logo


To register exclusive logo at the NOIP of Vietnam you need prepare to the following work:

Stage 1: Searching preliminary trademark (logo) is expected to register exclusively in NOIP (when registered for protection in Vietnam) whether duplicate or similar to other trademarks what has been registered or not.

Stage 2: Samples of goods, the manufacturer of the field of trade conform to the table of goods/services of global intellectual property WIPO for the product/service monopoly.

Stage 3: Filing the trademark application registration in the prescribed form. To accompany 09  sample of marks (logo) intends to register the size does not exceed (8x8cm).

Stage 4: About the registration dossier exclusive logo, you can filing at the Intellectual Property Department . Address: No. 386 Nguyen Trai str, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Viet Nam.

Above is our share about register to monopoly logo. If you have difficulties, please contact the Newvision Law firm, you will get a free consultation and we will be the legal representative of you to register monopoly logo.

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