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What is identification number and barcode ?

16/11/2016 - 03:42

As we all knew, nowadays most of the products, goods in the market are attached a lot of different information, signs, symbols, images by manufacturers and among them there are identification number and barcode, they are the series of parallel bars and alternate spaces (known as barcodes) and a sequence of digits located below (known as identification number). Identification number and barcode are pairs and can’t be separated, in which the identification numbers are used for human, barcodes are used for barcode scanners.

What is identification number and barcode ?

What is identification number and barcode ?


There are a lot of kinds of identification number and barcode and among them there are kinds which are standardized by international identification number and barcode organization to be used over the world, therefore, among the large number of products around the world, you can also recognize the origin of Vietnam of products by looking at the identification numbers and barcodes attached on the products having the first three digits are 893- the country code of Vietnam.

The most popular kinds of number and barcode are identification number and as its name, it is used to identify different products of the same manufacturer as well as identifying the products of different manufacturer, not only in Vietnam but also over the world. Identification number often includes four parts of number: the first one is the country code (as mentioned above, 893 is the country code of Vietnam), the second one is the organization code (the owner or the manufacturer of products), the third one is the product code and the final one is the check code.


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