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Register Trademark under the Madrid Protocol in 3 countries US, EU, Japan

24/11/2016 - 08:41

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(About: Letter of proposal about quotation legal representation procedures to registered to protect LT coffee Trademark under the Madrid Protocol in 3 countries US, EU, Japan)



To Company!

After exchange between our lawyers and the company via email about NewVision Law firm is representative units registered trademark protection as required by clients. We give some information to clients about quotation of legal service fees, following as:


I. Register proprietary trademark protection.

1. Procedures for the registration of trademark

NewVision law firm will edit the registration document to prepare for protection registration and monitoring to the application for the mark that your company offers. The process is as follows:

+ Within 8-12 days, Your company will have the results of label research

+ Within 30 days to the NOIP of Vietnam moving an application to the Office of Intellectual Property Organization International (WIPO);

+ Within at least 18 months from the date of application to the office valid Intellectual Property Organization International, your company will be issued a certificate of trademark registration in the country have been designated in the application.


2. Necessary documents:

+ Power of Attorney for NewVision Law Firm (Due form of NewVision Law firm);         

+ Information about goods/services need to register;

+ Logo trademark template what want to register;

+ Information on the trademark applicant:

   - If the applicant is an organization: Name of company / business household name; Tax code; Address; Phone Number; email address; fax..

    - If the applicant is an individual: personal name; permanent address; current whereabouts; ID number; telephone number, email.


3. Quotation about registration trademark protection fees.



National designated





The basic fees pay for WIPO (For color trademark )



Registration fees paid for NOIP in Vietnam



Fees designate to member States (01 groups)









The United States



Overall (color)



Converted into VNĐ



( By words: one hundred fourteen million one hundred twenty six thousand nine hundred  ninety-six co)


1. exchange rate of Francs Switzerland on dated 03.02.2015: = 22.413 VND 1CHF

2. The Fee are not exclusive of 10% VAT and surcharge included remittance fee for WIPO ( 50 USD) and mailing fee (about 30 USD);

3. The fee does not include expenses incurred in case the application is refused because of failure to meet the conditions of protection in each national designated (if any), file a complaint with the Department of Intellectual Property of each national designated . This fee will be announced later on each specific case ( trademark is refused  any country would notice charges of complaints in that country).

4. The fee does not include fees for trademark research 650 USD / one trademark / one country.

Clients should make a decision soon about the registration for trademark protection (to avoid missing trademarks because it is registered by previous units, shall enjoy the right of priority).

Best regard and look forward to receiving a response of Clients.



Department of Intellectual Property


Director –Lawyer. Nguyen Van Tuan


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