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Jamaica: Where Apple's secret understanding before the whole world

18/11/2016 - 08:51

Jamaica, the island nation of Central America, a place to contain the secrets of Apple before the launch of its products globally.

Apple usually tight-lipped about the project yet announced. Firm registration silently new brand as "Apple Watch", "Apple Pencil" ... in Jamaica, a distant island in Central America.

Doing this simple to avoid the observation from rivals. If registered trademarks at the US, the classified information will soon be the media "sniff", which the company took advantage of unexpectedly when launching new products. But if registration takes place in a country like Jamaica, that information will be kept confidential until 6 months.

According to US Trademark Law Act in section 44, the firms or organizations may register their trademarks in the intellectual property office that is located outside the United States border. After registration, the company will have 6 months to submit the relevant documents to the agency the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


Jamaica: Where Apple's secret understanding before the whole world

Jamaica: Where Apple's secret understanding before the whole world


This is a loophole that Apple, Microsoft or other technology giants have taken advantage to silently registered their trademarks. Particularly with apples, it has quietly registered to 343 trademarks, copyrights ... in places outside the United States.

Do not focus on a specific country, each location technology companies have "secret" to register separately and product names are hidden before launching. Apple choose Jamaica, Google selected Microsoft Tonga also register most of its brands in South Africa. Key data infrastructure is limited by the country in which this information makes the registered trademarks or difficult to find leaks.

However, if the opponent directly send people to the offices here, they can request information about the registration dossiers and usually takes 3 weeks to get results. According to the company manager Alt Legal IP address, up to 65 other countries still maintain the system data "offline" text such as Jamaica and they do not intend to upgrade.

According to Nehal Madhani lawyer from Legal Alt, self-defense tactics game this brand is quite ambiguous and admit only those firms have the resources to protect their secret products for 6 months to be adopted. Around the same time is a huge advantage for Apple, Samsung, Google if they want to keep it secret until the last minute name products.

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