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Some notes for registration of copyright

07/12/2016 - 10:15


Copyright is the respect the creativity of the law or respect of people for the author, artist, scientist and anybody who activities in field of useful work.

The copyright is the exclusive right of authors for a textbook, the work ...aim at protect the work, intellectual works, protection of personal and economic interests of the author. It is the honor and respect for the author


Some notes for registration of copyright

Some notes for registration of copyright


1. Note


* Do you want to register a copyright? .

The most important conditions is “ creative”. This mean that work of you must be an original is created by you and do not copied from someone else.

- Law of copyright: Intellectual property law of Vietnam only protect form of the idea, do  not protect for the ideas.

- Copyright protection include: moral rights, economic rights  in related  to the copyright, counterclaim rights about change of works, scientific works which  affects to the reputation of authors

- Hence, the copyright law appeared, such as: the Bern Convention , the Paris Convention in 1971 with 221 articles.


2.  Why should you register copyrights ?.


- Registration of copyright means that you are the holder, author of the work

- Determine you are exclusive to copy files or change the work, editing your work. Only you may distribute the work for commercial purposes

- You have the right to perform or display the work publicly, others want to do so must obtain permission, consent. The registration of protected works not only in the country but also other countries in the world

- The certificate of copyright registration confirms that you are the owner and also the most authentic evidence, effectively, to make the base when you want to stop or to sue people who have infringement, copy your work.

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