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Procedures for permission to use the musical works

12/12/2016 - 10:05

Procedures for permission to use the musical works

Under the IP Law 2005 ( amen 2009) provision that : Organizations, individuals using musical works ( not belong to case of use of published works where permission and payment of royalties and/or remunerations are not required ) must contact with author or owner of musical works to ask the permission about using and pay remuneration to the author, owner. However, in many cases the contact the author to ask for permission and paying relatively difficult, especially if the case held, personal use many files in one time then this task occupied relatively more time and effort. Therefore, an optimal approach that organizations and individuals can use it is to conduct the procedures for permission to use the music files and paid through the Vietnam Center for Protection of Music Copyright (VCPMC). 

Newvision law firm honor to one of the most leader units  about intellectual property. We give some information about procedure for permission to use the musical works

1. Type of musical works  must permit when using.

  • Vietnamese musical works
  • International musical works

2. Some form use must apply for permission

  •  Living music
  • Using phonograms and video recordings

3. The field of use of musical works must apply for permission to use

  • Radio or television broadcasts
  • Media ( ringtones, ring backs, music website...)
  • Restaurants, cafe, nightclub, karaoke....etc.
  • Performance
  • Publication of books, tapes, CDs
  • Advertising
  • Supermarkets, shops
  • Hotels, clubs, recreation area
  • Office for rent
  • The production of the film, advertising
  • In other areas.


4. Necessary documents

  • Provides information about using the object (or Vietnamese musical works or International musical works, the form  and field of using )
  • A permit and pay the copyright music.
  • List of registered users.
  • The contract to use the music files.
  • The  power of attorney ( If any)

5. Time Frame

  • Permission to use the Vietnamese music works: 7 working days

Permission to use the international musical works: 14 working days

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