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Copyright infringement lawsuit of Starbucks Dabuccino

28/11/2016 - 10:38


Starbucks, the coffee giant, has won a copyright infringement lawsuit over the design of a water pipe that resembles the chain’s Frappuccino cup.


Copyright infringement lawsuit  of  Starbucks Dabuccino

Copyright infringement lawsuit  of  Starbucks Dabuccino


The water pipe, named the Dabuccino, features glass for the chamber, a green mouthpiece that looks like a straw and a logo that resembles the Starbucks one, except the siren wears pot leaves as a headdress.


In two lawsuits, Starbucks held the Hit man Glass company and water pipe designer James Landgraf liable for “trademark dilution, trademark infringement and copyright infringement.” Starbucks demanded that Hit man Glass and Landgraf relinquish profits from the bongs and pay for damages.


“We are pleased with the court’s decision. Starbucks has made significant investments to develop our brand and intellectual property over the past 45 years. We have an obligation to protect our intellectual property from infringement in order to retain our exclusive rights to it.”


After the court decision, designer Landgraf owes Starbucks more than $410,000. The suit with Hitman Glass is ongoing.


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