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Newvision Law firm successfully protected two brands for Ha Tinh Formosa corporation

09/11/2016 - 02:14

Newvision Law firm is one of highly reputable law firms in the field of intellectual property(IP). Newvision Law firm has represented  for thousands of clients  both in Vietnam and other countries when registered IPRs protection in front of NOIP. Newvision Law firm has successfully protected for many of the organizations and individuals and giving belief and satisfaction for clients.

Newvision Law firm successfully protected two brands for Ha Tinh Formosa corporation

Newvision Law firm successfully protected two brands for Ha Tinh Formosa corporation


Nowadays, Intellectual Property in Vietnam has been developing. Newvision law firm  always willing to integrate and change follow as general trend to aim at bring about the best legal services and most prestigious for clients in Viet Nam and other countries. We have a team of legal advisors, assistant attorneys, lawyers, offical advisors who always ready to help clients.  Our business philosophy that satisfaction of clients is the most important.

December 12th,2013 is a milestone marked that the beginning of cooperation between Newvision Law firm and Ha Tinh Formosa corporation.

FORMOSA is the one of the largest economic corporation in Taiwan. The corporation has  been have great contributions to Taiwan's economy. FORMOSA iron-steel  project in Ha Tinh is expected to be the largest iron-steel areas in Southeast Asia. In 2008,    Formosa Group has commenced cast iron-steel complex project  at Vung Ang with total investment of phase 1 up to 7.8 billion USD, including a  iron-steel conjugate  manufactory with capacity of 7.5 million tonnes / year and Son Duong deep-water port with capacity of 30 million tons of goods/ year. This is expected to be one of the largest cast iron-steel complex  area in Southeast Asia and It may be create jobs for nearly 10,000 employees.


Newvision Law firm successfully protected two brands for Ha Tinh Formosa corporation


On the December 12th, 2013 in head office of Newvision law firm, Ha Tinh Formusa corporation, authorized for Newvision law firm, is the legal adviser to the corporation in Vietnam. Newvision law firm was delighted at the belief of partners and strives constantly to provide the best service for our partners.

Newvison Law firm is a unit  which has power of attorney of Ha Tinh Formusa corporation. Therefore, Newvision Law firm has implementation rights necessary legal procedures in order to trademark registration for Ha Tinh Formosa corporation. Continuing the successes achieved, Newvision law firm along with belief of clients and by our efforts, Newvision Law firm has implemented all necessary procedures  to the June 24th,2015 (according to Decision No. 19 668 / IP-NH1 and decisions of 19 669 / IP-NH1), Newvision law firm has received notification about granting Mark certification  for two trademarks of FHS bring No: 4-2014-03076 - Filing Date: 20/02/2014; Bring No: 4-2014-03077 - Filing Date: 20/02/2014; This is considered a remarkable achievement in the process of cooperation between two companies.

It can be seen that during the cooperation, Newvision law firm is always legal supports unit for the Ha Tinh Formusa corporation effectively. Following this success, we always hope not only bring legal services for Ha Tinh Formosa corporation but also for many individuals, other businesses in Viet Nam and international.

Newvision Law firm providing advisory services and registration exclusive trademark protection for the company, foreign corporations in Vietnam and other countries. We have affirmed brand in Vietnamese Market.


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